Cartoonist | Concept Artist | Game Designer

Cartoonist | Concept Artist | Game Designer

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Hey there kids, the names Christopher Zito, with a BFA in fine arts and illustration uder my belt from School of Visual Arts, I've also enrolled at Academy of Art University for a masters in game design. I'm rather gooie inside for cartoons, comic, animations and whathave you, maybe someday I can have what it takes to be a what cha call em? An artsit! Yeah thats right.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bump-A-Dump with Owls

My girlfriend Steph one night said, "Hey Chris, I have an idea for a childrens book, about Owls who hide under a bed." So I said "Like this?" And she was all like, "Yep! Dems owls under the bed alright!"