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Cartoonist | Concept Artist | Game Designer

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Hey there kids, the names Christopher Zito, with a BFA in fine arts and illustration uder my belt from School of Visual Arts, I've also enrolled at Academy of Art University for a masters in game design. I'm rather gooie inside for cartoons, comic, animations and whathave you, maybe someday I can have what it takes to be a what cha call em? An artsit! Yeah thats right.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 you go.


Under the peer pressure of afew of my friend at SVA, I made a blogspot page. I mean hell, lots of cool hip cartoonist, animators and artists have a blogs, but I'm pretty sure this place is going to be just as relevant and useful as my face book, because I was pressured into making one of those as well. Oh I should tell you who I am I guess.

The name is Christopher Zito, I'm a 4th year cartoonist currently attending School of Visual Arts in New York. My artwork can been seen mostly on my Deviantart page, which is where I normally update most of my artwork, but I'm going to try and make this page just as lively as I do on DA. I am currently working on a weekly gag comic strip called "Smog the Woodland Hitbear', As of current the comic is on it's Wednesday update on the first week so I'll post them up here, but be on the lookout for Thursday's and so on. For the most part this blog will be used for my artist rambling, be it cartoons, comics, animations, the art community, and what have you. I'll update more later, for now heres your dose of Smog.

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