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Hey there kids, the names Christopher Zito, with a BFA in fine arts and illustration uder my belt from School of Visual Arts, I've also enrolled at Academy of Art University for a masters in game design. I'm rather gooie inside for cartoons, comic, animations and whathave you, maybe someday I can have what it takes to be a what cha call em? An artsit! Yeah thats right.

Friday, February 5, 2010

How frail the human memory is...

It's come to my attention I've invested in a blog spot some time ago. Which I should really keep some damn tabs on considering it's one of the 'more' reliable forms of blogging and have people just keep focus on you rather then some schmuck who does Rule 34 on Deviantart. Noting say's artist search like a 15 year old's fan fiction drawn in MS Paint.

So the last I checked up on this place I was in SVA finishing my senior year. Well that's all over and down with, I'm over in San Fran for my second semester masters in Game Design, if your wondering I walked away from SVA with a BFA in Fine Art and Illustration. Theres lot of art I need to show, and lots of upcoming art I'd rather show here due to classwork becoming a predominant source of income art wise. Not to mention with some of the classes I've recieved this semester, some new game ideas have been pouring out, all in due time will it come into place. Which is pretty much my way of saying now I have a actual good reason to use this place.

In the mean time, heres some doodles for shits and giggles. Stay cool kids.

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